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From sunrise to sunset

Exciting wines, sensational flavours, always good atmosphere: frissTerasz is a place where you can always run into friends. A vibrant and youthful community space, where guests accustomed to city bustle can revel just like those, who want to relax on Lake Balaton.

With revolutionary opening hours, concerts, film screenings and sports broadcasts are waiting from March 15 to October 23, the kitchen is constantly open, and our DJs also spin the records regularly, conjuring the best parties of Badacsony on the dance floor.

In July and August, we will present ourselves as a location of the Kultkikötő program series, in the framework of which you can see high-quality concerts and children's programs. You can find our current programs in our calendar!

You can come alone, with family, kids, or dogs, small or large company, to chill out or to party. There are sun loungers, parasols, and a play area where you can relax during the day, watch football or Formula One.

The food and drink menu is not boring either, and the team of frissTerasz, always comes up with something new. Our handcrafted hamburger is world famous, but it’s a shame to miss the locally made churros as well. In addition to beach food, we offer the wines of Laposa Estate and before anyone asks: yes, there is also free car and bike parking!


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The wines of the house 0,1 l 0.75 l

Laposa Friss / Olaszrizling 2018

390 Ft 2 800 Ft
Laposa Illatos / Ottonel muskotály 2018 390 Ft 2 800 Ft
Laposa Rosé / Kékfrankos - Pinot noir 2018 390 Ft 2 800 Ft
White wines0,1 l0,75 l
BalatonBor / Olaszrizling 2018500 Ft3 750 Ft
Hableány / Sárga muskotály 2018 (fálaszáraz)500 Ft3 750 Ft
Hableány / Rajnai rizling 2018500 Ft3 750 Ft
Laposa PiNO / Szürkebarát 2017650 Ft4 850 Ft
Laposa 4 Hegy / Olaszrizling 2017 650 Ft4 850 Ft
Laposa Rizling2 / Rajnai rizling 2017650 Ft4 850 Ft
Laposa KőKövön / Furmint 2017
650 Ft4 850 Ft
Laposa Apukám Világa / Olaszrizling 2017900 Ft6 900 Ft


0,1 l0,75 l
Skizo Vörös / Cabernet Sauvignon500 Ft3 750 Ft

Dessert wines0,1 l0,5 l
Laposa Zeus / Késői szüretelésű 2016 (édes)1 700 Ft8 500 Ft

Our prices are in HUF and include VAT.


Badacsony is the jewellery box of Hungary, and we would like to introduce it to as many people as possible. We believe this is one of the most beautiful corners of the world on the shores of Lake Balaton. There are: witness hills, stone sea, hiking trails, lookout tower, breath-taking panorama, chapels and churches, and of course the most exciting white wines in the depths of the cellars: Welschriesling, Pinot Gris, Kéknyelű… Hableány is in the centre of Badacsony, close to the beach, the port, Egri József Memorial Museum and Hotel Bonvino. On the way to the hill you can find our favourite chilling place frissTerasz, where you can find the best burgers, parties, DJ sets, kid’s programmes, parasols and amazing wines. Continuing your walk towards the hill on Kisfaludy road, you can find the most romantic place of the mountain to the right, Szőlőhegy Bisztró, where you can enjoy the classics of Hungarian cuisine and wonderful panorama under the old wine covered pergola. Going higher on the hill, in the place of the old Bogyay Estate Laposa Wine Terrace awaits its guest. From here, all the sights are easily accessible. Kisfaludy House, the Szegedy Róza House, Rózsakő, the Ranolder Cross, the Badacsony section of the National Blue Trail or the Kisfalufy Lookout Tower are all a short walk away from the wine terrace. Sights of the Balaton Uplands are also easily accessible, such as the Tapolca Spring Cave, the Káli Basin, the Káptalantóti Market, the Csobánc hill and the Szigliget Castle.

8261 Badacsonytomaj, Kisfaludy út 1-3.
GPS koordináták: É 46.789402° x K 17.500148°


We're currently closed. Opening: spring 2021

+36 20 313 5173